Deposit Methods


You can deposit funds to your trading account by bank transfer, debit card, major credit cards or cheque.

Bank transfer (bank wire)

You can deposit funds onto your account via bank transfer (internet banking, SEPA, CHAPS etc…). We currently offer accounts in GBP, USD, EUR and AUD. Due to international regulations, we and our account banks cannot accept payments from certain countries. This list will vary from time to time.

Debit Cards

ECR Capitals Limited does not charge for debit card deposits.

Credit Cards

If you deposit money using your credit card, we charge you a fee as per the Account Funding Table below. Unfortunately, we’re not able to accept debit/credit card payments from Afghanistan, Belarus, Canada, Cote d'lvoire, Cuba, ECR Capitals Limitedcratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Iran, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, United States and Zimbabwe.

Payment rules & fraud prevention

ECR Capitals Limited may only take card payments in the name of the account holder/ applicant and registered to your address details we have on file. We will come back to you for more information if the addresses to not match which may delay your account funding, until resolved. Our card processing portal may also return the payment to your card in the first instance. For general timing and costs involved, see the Table below.


ECR Capitals Limited can accept deposits by cheque from UK residents, though it may take up to 7 working days for cleared funds to be credited to your trading account. We do not recommend this form of deposit. If depositing by cheque, send it to: "Settlements" ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP, 2nd Floor, Centenary House, Palliser Road, London W14 9EQ, United Kingdom, made payable in favour of “ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP GBP Client Account”. NB: We can only accept cheques drawn on a UK bank account, not foreign cheques.


ECR Capitals Limited does not accept cash deposits.

What happens if your deposit currency differs from your Account Base Currency?

If the currency you deposit is different from your nominated trading Account Base Currency and ECR Capitals Limited currently has a Client Money account in that currency, we will convert your funds into your Account Base Currency using the relevant end of day settlement rate, less any processing fees for the physical conversion we are charged. If you send us deposits in currencies other than those for which we have already established Client Money accounts, our account banks may either return the funds to you or convert them to your Account Base Currency at their prevailing rates and ECR Capitals Limited has no control over third party account banks rate of exchange which may be done at less favourable rates.

No third-party payments

ECR Capitals Limited cannot accept third-party payments.