1. Trading Hours

ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP index trading hours are based on when their underlying reference markets are open or the times, liquidity providing partners are streaming prices. Energy products will not be open for trading during holidays in which the reference market is closed. Similar to many indices, energy products have a daily break in addition to a daily closing. You will not be able to adjust or close existing positions or open new positons. All trading functionalities will cease upon the weekend closing.

2. Contract Size/Trade Size

ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP utilizes a 'lot-based' trading system. This means that all ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP products are aggregated into standardized trade sizes. This simplifies trading by allowing clients to trade in lot increments, and also provides a price for each lot size rather than averaging open and close prices when multiple positions are taken in the same instrument. A tick or pip value is associated with each lot for precise calculations, and profits and losses on a position are automatically converted into the currency of the particular account.

3. Tick Value

Pip cost is determined in the same manner as it is done for the various indices offered. Please refer to page 6 for the detailed explanation.

4. Minimum Margin Requirements(MMR)

ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP Margin Rates are displayed in the table above and all indices are set to a margin of 1% of the contract value. The margins detailed are ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP default margin requirements.

5. Overnight Credits/Debits

Overnight (rollover) cost will be charged or credited as mentioned in the symbols details available through your MT5 platform.

6. Expiration and contract rollover fee

Energy products (NGAS, UKOIL, USOIL) have a monthly expiration (please see the table below). Clients that hold an open position on the ‘ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP Expiration’ will be debited or credited by the price difference from the closed contract to the newly opened contract along with a 20% contract rollover fee.

7. Instruments:

  • NGAS