With Atom 8 you can trade your opinion of the world's largest stock indices with low spreads and enhanced execution.

1. Trading hours

ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP index trading hours are based on when their underlying reference markets are open or the times, liquidity providing partners are streaming prices. ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP indices will not be open for trading during holidays in which the reference markets are closed. You may also note that some indices have an intraday break in addition to a daily closing. You will not be able to adjust or close existing positions or open new positions. All trading functionalities will cease upon the end of week closing.

2. Contract/Trade Size

ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP utilizes a lot based trading system. Therefore, you are only able to trade in the ‘Minimum Ticket Size’ or multiples thereof. Whenever a trade is opened, a tick or pip value is associated with each lot to provide precise profit and loss calculations in real time. The tick Value associated with each instrument is automatically converted to your accounts currency.

3. Tick Value

As profit and loss is converted into the account currency, a Tick Value is associated with each product. For example, if the trading account is dominated in USD, then all of the profit and loss will be calculated in USD. If a client traded in the GBE_100, which is priced in GBP, ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP will automatically convert profit and loss into USD. The Tick Value details the conversion rate, which, in this example, would be theGBP/USD exchange rate.

4. Minimum Margin Requirements(MMR)

ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP Margin Rates are displayed in the table above and all indices are set to a margin of 1% of the contract value. The margins detailed are ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP default margin requirements.

5. Financing Costs/ Dividend Adjustments (for both Spread betting and CFD accounts)

Cost of carry and dividends make up the overnight credits/debits. The value of these two variables is independent of one another. The overall credit/debit that is applied to your account will depend on the size of the open trade. Our equity and index markets may be subject to a dividend adjustment for positions held at the close of business on the day before an ex-dividend date. This is to reflect the fact that the underlying market will (everything else being equal) open at a lower level on this date as the market goes ex-dividend. A dividend adjustment is credited to long CFD positions and debited from short CFD positions. NB: Given the implicit leverage of margin products, these adjustments can be substantial for short CFD positions on equity and index markets. This is the case whether or not you trade a Spread betting Account or CFD Account with ECR Capitals Limited.

5.1 Finance Charges

Interest rates are a factor in any market. ECR Capitals Limited Financial Services LLP daily interest debit or credit amounts (hereafter “rollover”) are based on the total face value of the position. Index positions that are open at the close of business on Friday will incur 3 day rollover.

6. Cash Index Contract Expiration

All cash index positions will remain open until they are closed by the client or the position is liquidated due to insufficient margin. There is no expiration for these contracts.

7. Instruments

AUS200, Australia 200 Cash Index, Belgium 20 Cash Index, Canada 60 Cash Index, ESP35, Spain 35 Cash Index, EUSTX50, Euro 50 Cash Index, FRA40 , France 40 Cash Index, UK 100 Cash Index, GER30, Germany 30 Cash Index, Germany Mid 50 Cash Index, Germany Tech 30 Cash Index, HKG33, Hong Kong 50 Cash Index, Hong Kong China H Shares Cash Index, India 50 Cash Index, ITA40, Italy 40 Cash Index, JPN225, NAS100, Netherlands 25 Cash Index, Norway 25 Cash Index, SPX500, SUI20, Switzerland 20 Cash index, UK100, US30, US Small Cap 2000 Cash Index, South Africa 40 Cash Index.