Spread Betting


Spread Betting is a form of margin trading permitted for UK and Irish individual (“eligible traders”). At ECR Capitals Limited, eligible traders can buy or sell the spread of a currency pair, gold or silver to express their trading view.

Eligible traders can select their fee structure by either:

  • only paying the spread (a familiar form of charging for spread betting)
  • pay a competitive commission and a small spread increase to still benefit from the ECN universal ECR Capitals Limited price.

At present, eligible traders are not subject to UK income tax on Spread Betting profits (and nor are any losses deductible)*. ECR Capitals Limited has a Forex Calculator allowing you to measure the size of your spread bet in each "pounds per point" move of the underlying currency pair. Eligible traders do pay overnights for spread betting on the platform as ECR Capitals Limited spread bets are based on daily rolling spot contracts. Unlike other spread-bet providers, our spread bets do not expire at the end of the trading day. Spread betting has many similarities with CFDs and there are many resources available to teach you the basics online or simply call us for assistance to get started.