Why ECR Capitals Limited



Our liquidity comes from direct connections to over 20 major liquidity providers. Achieve a fill in 1 click for EUR/USD 200 million notional in the European session. We provide institutional liquidity for all clients.

ECN price feed

One price for all traders, hedge fund or individual traders. The equality of opportunity creates a level playing field.

Market news, research & tools

Breaking news, fundamental and technical research. Inbuilt chart pattern software in the trading platform and trading calculators and calendars give you the edge.

Competitive commissions, overnights and spreads

We offer you some of the most competitive commissions, spreads and overnights on the market. And also overnight funding at a fractional cost of other brokers.

Automated trading

99% quality broker tick data available for free. Advanced back-testing functionality. Assistance with coding of strategies. Our liquidity & spreads optimise your automated trading results.